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Our logos & guidelines

We encourage all of our merchants to place the PayPoint.net logo and security seal on their home pages, linking back to our website. This helps increase trust in the security of your online store, resulting in increased sales. To avoid confusion for clients and improve user experience, it should also be made clear by the merchant that PayPoint.net processes payments securely but that all payment card enquiries should be directed to the merchant.

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Important message for new merchants

All of our new merchants are now required to inform their customers that PayPoint.net processes their online payments.

This can be done by placing the PayPoint.net logo, security seal, or a link to our website anywhere on your site before the account is activated.

Please refer to our Legal Pages and Brand Management Policy for further details.


The proof...?

Here is a comment from one of our merchants who is already benefiting in this way:


"We make a point of highlighting our use of PayPoint.net to our customers as we know that security can be a concern for many online shoppers. Being able to show that we take security seriously by displaying the PayPoint.net logo helps to reassure our customers that they can deal with us safely."

Rob Massey from www.gvtc.co.uk