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Maximise customer acceptance rates and conversions

Reduce false positives whilst countering fraud with Optimize, our cutting-edge fraud and risk management system, supporting identity verification (ID&V), anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

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Improve customer service experience

Our sophisticated hospitality payments rules engine uses smart automation for faster decisions and a more streamlined customer experience, whilst mobile-friendly payment processing software make it quick and easy for customers to make a reservation.

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Take care of compliance with telephony and digital services

Whether to convert abandoned transactions or remove payments compliance liability from your staff, our scalable telephony and digital services enable you to de-scope your network, supporting you with PCI DSS compliance and reducing your operational costs.

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Remove chargebacks to protect your cashflow

Protect all your transactions, even where you give credit before the service is provided, with our 3DSecure solution, allowing you to offset liability to the card schemes. As well as protecting the payment, you’ll remove the responsibility of paper and email trails.

Benefits include:

Reduce your chargebacks with 3DS

Dealing with chargebacks each year can prove a costly experience. Not just from a transactional perspective but the difficulty and time it can take to reply, with often ambiguous query codes and on average just 14 days to respond.

In one of the few industries that gives credit before a service is provided, you want to be sure all your transactions are protected. That’s why our hospitality payment solutions come complete with 3DSecure, allowing you to offset the liability shift from your company to the card schemes.

We currently enable 3DS on all Visa and MasterCard transactions as well AMEX SafeKey on American Express transactions.

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Protect Your Third Party Payments

It’s a common scenario for a hotel to be presented with a critical choice when facing third party payments; Turn them away and lose business or accept payment and the risk increases.

With accepting these types of transactions, you enter the realm of data protection and PCI as you’re now responsible for handling the third party card data. Even in today’s hotel industry tech world, that often means using a fax machine or making a note on a scrap piece of paper to be physically stored for later.

EmailPay allows you to send customers a secure payment URL, directing them to an online payment page to complete a hospitality payment. The hotel payment system can be seamlessly styled to match your brand and is pre-populated with the transaction details, allowing your customer to pay for their booking or order with ease. Best of all since EmailPay uses a secure payment URL, you can send it to your customers anyway you choose - Email, SMS, Live Chat – without payment security concerns.

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Retain your brand no matter your integration

Whether your part of a large luxury hotel chain or an independent boutique brand, image is always important. We believe that this is just as important when it comes to payment processing for hospitality businesses. So not only will we provide you with the tools to create a seamless payment experience for your customers and handle all the card data, no matter what integration you choose. We also make it possible to brand your hotels individually.

Have a flagship hotel in London? Or perhaps a cosy getaway in Finland? Our secure hospitality payment solutions allow you to customise each experience accordingly, because we know it’s the experience that counts.

Mobile first approach

Hotel operators need to ensure that when it comes to convenience, they’re offering their customers fast and easy payment methods. That’s why our hospitality payment solutions use mobile responsive payment pages combined with a customer wallet, for fast easy repeat bookings, no matter the device - smartphone, tablet, laptop.

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De-scoping PCI across all your payment channels

Whilst encouraging customers to make online bookings allows you to reduce transaction fees and benefit from chargeback protection with 3DS, your customers are always going to want the convenience to pay whenever and however they choose. That’s why we ensure all our payment channels help you to better manage your PCI burden.

Our range of phone payment solutions include products such as CallSecure, allowing you to re-direct customers whilst on the phone to enter card details in a PCI secure environment, removing the hassle of your phone operators dealing with card data.

We also use some of the latest technology in our face to face and contactless payment solutions, allowing your customers to pay securely using ApplePay, Samsung pay etc, either at the counter or on the move using our Mobile Point Of Sale (MPOS) solutions.

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