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Omnichannel Payments

With over 20 years' experience, our omnichannel payment solutions allow you to securely collect and reconcile payments across multiple channels.

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Online payments

With the ability to seamlessly integrate from within apps or 3rd party systems, as well as send payment links to the online option via SMS, live chat or email, we make it simple for customers to pay whenever and however they want including by debit or credit card, PayPal or direct from their bank account using Open Banking.

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Face-to-face payments

We offer a range of Chip & PIN devices for real time card payments, supporting both Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Including self-service payment kiosks, cash and cheque payments, as well at Post Office, Payzone and PayPoint outlets.

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Telephone payments

Our telephone payments system allow you to accept payments either with staff assistance in a contact centre or through a fully automated self-service option. These will serve to reduce your PCI DSS burden.

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Planned payments

Make life easier for your customers with the ability for them or staff members on their behalf to create a flexible schedule of card payments, leading to regular income for you.


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Automated bank payments

We also provide the ability to take payments via Direct Debits, bank transfers and the ability to import bank information to aid reconciliation.

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Kiosk payments

We allow payments to be made 24/7 by card or cash. 


Make a difference to your business

Multiple ways to pay

In today's fast-paced environment consumers want the choice and convenience to pay anytime, anywhere and anyhow. That's why our omnichannel payment solutions deliver the most popular payment methods across all payment channels, helping to enhance the customer experience whilst boosting payment conversions.

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Streamlined reporting

All our existing systems can be linked by one Income Management interface. Accessible via a web browser, our advanced solution allows you to seamlessly manage, reconcile and report on income. Providing comprehensive reports and reformatting of data prior to export, you can effortlessly update your existing back-office systems.

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Income Management - Your central hub for payments received

Our income management solution acts as the central hub for all income received across all payment channels. From automated bank feeds right through to online, smartphone, kiosk and customer-present payments, our secure solution makes for a much smoother, faster and convenient payments process.

Glasgow Housing Association

Watch our video testimonial to see how Glasgow Housing Association are benefiting from our payment collection and reporting solutions.


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